Thursday, December 4

Oh! Christmas Tree...

Hi! I disappeared again... But now I'm back! Sort of...

After loads of traveling I've been feeling quite a bit under the weather... So of course that means I've ended falling down a few internets rabbit holes...

When I came across this epic chandelier Christmas tree I had to know more and clicked on through! Apparently it's amazing design harkens from the brain of The House That Lars Built blogger's friend named Mary...

While I couldn't seem to find much more on Mary herself, (Très mysterious no...) I really suggest you click through to here and check out more of this amazing-ness!

I'm still pretty beat but couldn't help but pop in to share this!

I'm thinking there needs to be some chandelier thrifting in my future so I can try my hand at this someday... Ahhh... So much pretty!

So in love with this!




I hope all the Americans had the most wonderful Thanksgiving! We all have so many blessings and reasons to give thanks everyday, even the bad ones, if we just look for them!

(All images taken by Trisha Zemp and found via The House That Lars Built. Super genius creative Mary remains a mystery to me thus far but if you have more info please let me know!)



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