Monday, November 3

Chicago Day 1, Part 2

After settling into the Hotel we stepped out for a walk and quick bite. We headed over to Water Tower Place because a good brisk walk there is lovely and yummy food is sure to be found.
Chicago is always a beautiful city but especially at night and with the brisk Fall air.
I love how the city businesses come together to decorate Michigan Avenue for each season! You never know how they'll execute each them but you know it will be lovely.
This autumn the planters were filled with the ephemera of all things fall. So pretty!
The Water Tower always looks special by day or night, but I love how majestic the city looks all awash in glowing lights.
So... In these photos I was trying to look properly "winded" along with this dapper giant Leggo fella outside the Lego store...
Not so much, huh?
What I do look is hillarious, so enjoy. ;)
Our next stop was the American Girl store.
My sisters and I were fortunate enough to be recipients of the transporting historical books and wonderful dolls. We each collected a different doll, her stories, and belongings.
Mine was Molly, a young 1940's American girl helping to hold down the home front while her Dad was away fighting WWII.
My sister Stacy's was Kirsten, a Swedish immigrant/ pioneer living in the great Minnesota prairie during the mid 1800's.
And my sister Maura's doll was Samantha, a young Victorian girl during the early 1900's.
Sadly, all of our dolls were retired last year and they are no longer making them or their paraphernalia. I had always hoped to have a little girl and carry on collecting Molly and her things with her...
They did bring back a new version of the Samantha doll for now though as a part of a series called "Be Forever."
Not sure about all this retiring/ forever stuff... Either way, deposited the expense, it's a great company empowering girls to learn and play with confident twist. And it's a treasured part of our childhood and I love to stop in and reminisce... Even at 31, lol.
The messages of the dolls and all around is empowerment, encouragement, and understanding. All with reading and play. Pretty great.
As a Westie owner I felt the need to document this doll Westie.
This is the Samantha doll and some of her new "Be Forever" things.
"American Girl celebrates a girl's inner star - that little whisper inside that encourages her to stand tall, reach high, and dream big."
And of course I picked up a little surprise for someone very special (more on that another time.)
Moving on.
Before we left Water Tower Place we stopped by the Bao Wow kiosk to get dinner. Sticky, gooey, bun goodness at its best? My favorite one was the Chicken Teriyaki but they are all good! If you're ever there get a house made ginger-ale! Yummm!
The city frequently has various art set up all around to help raise funds for various causes. Right now they have horse sculptures painted by different local groups and all supporting the Chicago PD.
This Van Gogh-esque Starry Night was by far my favorite.

Then it was back to the hotel and good nights rest.



(All images created and owned by Krista Carson. Please ask permission prior to use. All rights to various places visited owned by their respective companies.)

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