Sunday, December 7

Oh! Christmas Tree

I'm back with another nifty, and this time thrifty, Christmas tree via the internets.

I give you: One King's Lane (an online flash sale site that's Ahmazing!) genius book tree.

So simple, so easy, so free!

I really feel like anyone could throw this little gem together. Just grab some books off your shelf and stack away! Don't forget to throw in a little sparkle and voilĂ !

While One King's Lane is using this to advertise books as gifts for the holidays (Geniusly so I might add!) there's really no reason it couldn't be just as awesome in your home!

Ooh! Especially if your one of those fancy schmancy lucky bastards ducks that has a Librahry... Oh perchance to dream...

If I ever get healthy enough to decorate I plan on giving this one a go!



(Image owned and found via online sale site One King's Lane.)


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