Monday, December 8

Inspire Me Tuesday

I wanted to share a beautiful photo of a beautiful brief moment captured by amateur photographer Mark Hersch today.

Photograph by MARK HERSCH

He says, via the Daily Mail:

'I was flying home to Chicago from a business trip recently,' he said. 'It was a cloudy day, late in the afternoon. We were flying eastbound, made a pass by O'Hare International Airport, then made a sweeping 180-degree left turn over Lake Michigan for our final westward approach into the airport.

'I looked down and through a narrow break in the clouds, I saw the shadow of the Chicago skyline projecting onto the lake. Oddly enough, I am a very frequent flyer and almost always sit in an aisle set, but on this flight there were only window seats available.

'I grabbed my iPhone and snapped off a single shot, hoping I captured the scene. When I got home I opened the photo on my computer. Not only was I amazed at the shot, but I noticed I also captured another plane on a parallel approach - which you can see if you look closely at the clouds above the skyline in the centre of the image."


What a lovely reminder to be present in each moment, to look out for and even enjoy the unexpected when it happens, and to find the joy and beauty surrounding you no matter where you are.

I know with the Holiday season upon us I definitely need that reminder. Sometimes I just have to slow down and that's okay... But while I'm there I might as well enjoy the view...



(Image created and owned by Mark Hersch, found via the Daily Mail.)

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