Wednesday, December 31

What I'm Reading: "Jewels: A Secret History"

Jewels: A Secret History

By Victoria Finlay

Victoria Finlay is also the author of Color, a fantabulous book about colors, their history, importance throughout the years, uses, and origins.

(Let me tell you, as an Art Historian it really rocked my socks off!)

But now... I think she's trying to be my most favorite author ever!

Her latest book is the same sort but this time it's about... JEWELS!

She's doing the same thing for gemstones that she did in her Color book and I am beyond stoked so far!

As a jewelry designer, fabricator, artisan, and rock hound/ collector of all things geologic, including lovely pieces of jewelry (Is there a better way to collect rocks? I think not!), I cannot wait to read through her historical insight.

I've only finished the first chapter (On Amber, can you tell from my pics? Lol) but it's love at first read so far!

(I couldn't resist taking out some of my own Amber collection for a short snap-fest.)

Her writing is superb, meaningful, witty, and packed with insight! I highly recommend her to anyone looking for something more.

If you like history or are always asking Where? When? Why?

Victoria Finlay, world traveler and author extraodinaire, is for you!

What are you reading?



(All images created and owned by Krista Carson, please ask permission prior to use. Book written by Victoria Finlay and published by Random House.)


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