Monday, December 29

After Christmas

Well, Christmas this year didn't go remotely as planned... My Mom was in a bad car accident, had to have surgery, then a stay in the hospital. And I, of the chronic auto-immune issues, ended up with pneumonia... No Grand Floridian gingerbread house visits for us this year...


That being said, we're both ok and our family got to be together on Chrirtmas Eve. Nothing is more important than that! Even if it was brief (I'm pretty sick) it was lovely to be with them. My Mom has a long road ahead of rehab and won't be allowed to put weight on her severely broken leg for a while and hopefully my pneumonia will go away (soon please!) but even then those who love us make our lives worthwhile and wonderful!


In the meantime, here's a bit of sunshine to perk us all up!

This Slim Aaron's "Christmas Swim" photo from 1954 is Ahhhmazing! Someday I needs must re-create it!

Facts: I live in Florida. I have a pool.


Let's make this happen someday people!



As they say at Lilly Pulitzer, forecast is sunny and palmy...

And sunshine calls for more sunshine, especially when feeling blue. Whenever I feel down or sick and am able to I try to dress extra perky even when no one will see me except my pup and husband. Thus today finds me in yellow Pilcro pants (from Anthropologie) and a pineapple shirt and cardi (from Target).


The cardigan: i.e. Florida's winter coat.

Let the sunshine in!



(All photos created and owned by Krista Carson. Please ask permission prior to use. Obvious exception is the epically fantastic Slim Aaron's piece!)

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