Tuesday, September 10

The Vinoy

A little bit ago my sweet Husband whisked me away for a three day weekend at the historic Vinoy Hotel in St. Petersburg, FL. It was one of the most relaxing and lovely weekends I've had in a while so needless to say I have oodles to share.

The hotel itself was so very pretty that I couldn't help but take lots of photos.

The Floridian pink exterior.
The exquisitely carved main entrance.
It was a Pink and Palm Tree kind of weekend.
The main lobby is filled with blown glass Venetian style lighting and merges the history of the hotel with current styles quite fluidly, I think.
It has tons of cute little tucked away seating in chic little alcoves.
I really loved the fusion of styles.
Beautifully restored cedar beams lined the ceilings at the ends of the hallway.
The painting on them has all been lovingly restored by hand.
The artwork, knickknacks and furnishing details are lovely too. How great are these wingback chairs?
I adore the velvet chevron fabric lining the outside. Yes, please!
One of the art pieces adorning the bookshelves catches a cool glass detail.
The restored vintage tiling is full of neat details like the little blue figurine, the hotel emblem.
Another nook shot.
Nifty lighting features, huh?
More gorgeous chandeliers.
Morning paper?

More beautiful details.

The beautiful ballroom has seen lots of glamourous parties over the years. The hotel itself opened on New Years Eve and such legendary personae as Fitzgerald and Hemingway were said to have been visitors/ party goers over the years.
It now features a modern artwork by Chihuly; La Isla Della Luna.

A letter regarding the piece hangs in the lobby.

Though it appears as if it is a chandelier, the Island of the Moon is actually an installation because it gives forth no light itself but rather reflects the light of its surroundings. Just like the actual moon does. Pretty cool, no?

The hotel stands across the street from a small deep water harbor and the cutest little sculpture park. (Please excuse my finger in this shot... The Husband was just so cute I had to use it anyway.)

A shot of the harbor leading out to the Gulf. Apparently guest docking at the hotel have all the Vinoy's many amenities available to them. Including room service delivered dockside.


It's a totally gorgeous place isn't it? We did so many fun things while there that I have plenty more coming, hopefully, in reasonable doses.



(Photos by Krista Carson)


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