Monday, September 2

Happy House: Rachel Zoe

Love or hate Rachel Zoe (Confession, I love.), you have to see her gorgeous house... While not typically my taste, I find it super lovely.

Even with a baby in tow it's a minimalist dream of gorgeousness!

So chic. So light. So white. Almost like a design palette cleanser.


The current September issue of InStyle is sharing all the deets but it's the photos of the space itself that really sing:


She calls her living room the white room. Note the platforms on display on the coffee table, so fashion.
The kitchen is perfection! I love me a mostly white kitchen, yes, please! It's a total shame that she doesn't cook in it except for baby food... The things I could make on that stove... Le sigh...
Her bedroom manages to be both spare and comfy looking. Lurve her fluffy throw on the bed and the Missoni pillows.
Apparently her huge to die for "couch bed" (sic) is by Philippe Starck. Yes, please! Also note the framed vintage Hem├Ęs ads on the wall, so fashion chic.


This, is the best part to me though. This outdoor space is insane! Just absolutely gorgeous and perfect! Would.not.change.a.thing.
And of course, I couldn't not post her closet perfection. Zebra dress, zebra rug, zebra love!

Even baby Skylar has a chic closet of his very own complete with designer clothes, natch.

While I don't think I will be buying designer baby clothes ever, they are pretty cute...

Overall it's a gorgeous space, no? Would you ever have so much white in your house? It's certainly lovely but not very practical... But I don't think practical was on Zoe's design requirement list...



(Photos via InStyle September 2013 Issue, Home owned and decorated by Rachel Zoe.)


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