Monday, September 23

Puppy Love!

There's a new little love in my life! She's a sweet little West Highland Terrier girl named Abigail (Abby for short) and she has a lot of energy and a lot to learn!

My big sis is also in town for a few days visiting from Houston with her sweet friend Suzette so I see some Disney in our future too. :)

So between the puppy sweetness, moving into my new home this week (finally!), my lack of internets (sad face here), and my big sister visiting (yay!) my blogging will be a bit sporadic for a little bit...

Lo siento, internet friends! I will be trying to blog from my phone a bit to make up for it but the formatting is always off with that so.... :/ bear with me please!

Hope you're week is as joyful as wonderful little stinky puppy breath kisses!



(Photo by Krista Carson. Adorable Westie pup by God.)


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