Wednesday, September 4

My Brother's Wedding

My youngest brother got married this summer on June 15th!
His bride is the sweetest thing ever and I'm so excited and happy to have her as a sister now!
The wedding was a gorgeous affair at Church Street Station in Orlando, a beautiful historic Victorian building full of gilding and stained glass. (I'll post more on the location another time.)
The wedding was touching, lovely, and a blast! Just what a wedding should be.
Here's a little peek below:
The dress. So pretty. (Also note the rich wood and gilded wall coverings.)
The bridal party was large but close and I was honored to be a part of it. I'm second on the left from the bride, one of only two tall girls, the rest were adorable shorties. Such a fun group of girls too!
Obligatory silly sibling shot (I've got one of the groom's legs and am holding my bouquet up in the air). "Quick! Everyone pick up the (6'4") groom!" Yeah, that was my goofy idea... He's the baby after all, no seriously, he's the youngest. :) His nickname from me is, ironically enough, small child. From when he actually was.

The lovely flowers that my Aunt put together. The bride wanted pink, pink, and more pink with French flair.

Photo booth with the sisters! The bride and groom picked out an Effiel Tower they liked and put it in front of a black background. And the props? They're was a box full of fun. Not to toot my own horn but I made all the props myself... Toot. Toot.

Perhaps I'll post more later? For now though I think this is a lovely little bit of loveliness.



(Photos with me pictured by Alicia Andre and Tristan Shankara, all other photos by me.)

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