Sunday, September 15

Get Nailed

My Nail Secret...


Even when short rounded nails are the current trend every woman still wants to have the possibility of longer, stronger, healthier nails. I get a lot of compliments and questions on my nails when I'm out... and since we all want our hands to look well manicured I decided I'd share my secret.


Sally Hansen's Miracle Cure.


It keeps my nails healthy and strong and can be easily found in most pharmacy type stores beauty sections.


I work with my hands daily: cooking, cleaning, jewelry making, knitting, guitar and ukelele playing, paper craft, painting... (You name it and if it involves making I'm trying it.) and it can be super rough on them. Bleach, chemicals, hammering, twisting, and torching metal. These things do not generally make for pretty hands. :/


But I find if I put a little love back into them I get a lotta love back. So I try to moisturize my hands every night before bed, keep my nails trimmed (or grow them out occasionally), gently filed, buffed*, and I do fairly well. But for almost a decade** now my go to has always been Sally Hansen's Miracle Cure.


It just works better than anything else I've ever tried. It keeps nails strong and pretty. I wear it as a base coat, a topcoat, and alone.


It's the best. Try it, it works wonders. (And it dries super super fast too.) Bonne polishing ladies!





(Photos by Krista Carson.)

*I just do this at home with any affordable nail buffer that I pick up in any random beauty section.

**I may be dating myself with this one but it's true.


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