Thursday, July 19

The Great Gatsby

I cannot wait to see the latest take on Gatsby (yeah, we're close personal friends like that) in theaters! I have always loved Fitzgerald and the beautiful messes he so meaningly reveals in his novels. The glitz, glamour, and gloriously portrayed Weltschmerz of life seem to leap off every page and into the reader's imagination and heart. Fitzgerald is why I've always been obsessed with the 1920's or maybe the 1920's are why I've always been obsessed with Fitzgerald... Anyway, this is a movie I think everyone will want to see! Just watch the trailer and try not to be excited! There's no way they didn't go over budget on this one. The sets certainly appear pretty lavish so far, right? Let me know what you think. Also, do you think the casting is on the mark?


A Seriously Smitten K


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