Sunday, July 15

Italian Lace

I was catching up on some old posts on Garance Doré's blog when I came across the one with Giorgia and her beautiful lace dress.

Turns out Giorgia had started her own line of Italian lace beauties and was wearing one.
Below is what she has to say about her line, and its touching inspirations, on her site, Like My Mother:

"Like My Mother" draws its styling inspiration from old trunks in the attics, memories hidden in the drawers by our mothers' grandmothers. Saving the traditions like a comeback to one's cultural roots and values connects the generations over time. Lace is the creative identity of the brand which stands out on its own thanks to the exclusive hand-crafted woven fabrics, heart of the traditional Made In Italy. The unique laces combined with linear shapes suggest both tradition and innovation. "Like My Mother" rediscovers the mother's old wardrobe, the lightness of the summery and feminine fabrics which keep emotional souvenirs."



(Images and info via Garance Doré and Like My Mother)


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