Sunday, July 1

Strawberry Picking

Sorry for the lack of posts recently. I've been having some technical difficulties... :( On the bright side, it's looks like everything should be working now (fingers crossed)! Now on to my post:

My birthday's tomorrow (last year of my twenties, yikes!) which gave me the perfect amount of leverage I needed in order to get the husband to go strawberry picking with a few of the girls and their men yesterday! (Birthday blackmail for the win!) So we all loaded up in two cars and drove out to Broer's organic u-pick farm.

Broer's barn

Strawberry fields forever...

The gang picking in the fields

Strawberries, strawberry flowers, and the mud they live in

Raspberry bushes in bloom

Me and my berry bounty

Rows of raspberry bushes

Raspberries waiting for a sunny day to ripen

Boxes o' bees containing bits o' honey

Cool old farm equipment

The old scale and a sign awaiting marionberry season

A good time was had by all! My one friend planned on making jam but I had more immediate uses for my strawberries... Strawberry shortcake! More on that later though.

I can't wait to go back in a few weeks when the blackberries are ripe! Mmmmm, they're my favorite!




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