Thursday, June 21

A Taste Of My Childhood

Much to my utter delight, while browsing through one of my favorite blogs, A Cup of Jo, I came across her post on Citra Sippers!

Citra Sippers are a throwback to childhood for me. I remember my parents picking up a few to go with our oranges at a farmer's stand back home in Florida. Mmm... Delicious memories...

You simply push the sipper into your citrus of choice and you're ready to go! I've been on the hunt for one (not sure what happened to the "wonder years" set?) for the longest time and will definitely be investing in some.

According to Joanna the company was launched at the 1933 World's Fair by the current owner's grandfather. Neat, huh? It even makes you feel good about buying one (come on, you know you're curious...)



(Pictures and info via A Cup of Jo, memories courtesy of me ;) )

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