Sunday, June 17

Happy Father's Day Daddy!

"It is a wise father that knows his own child."

~ William Shakespeare


"It is a wise child that knows his own father."

~ Homer

Happy Father's Day to my sweet Dad, who always knows me so well and supports all I do and all that I am. He has been a spectacular role model from whom I have learned much simply by knowing him. In him I see the kind of person I want to, and can, continue to grow to be.

As I get older and go through milestones in my life it has been a privelege to better know the man I look up to as Dad.

Dad, you always have so much invaluable information, assistance, and advice to share. I love hearing the stories of how you got to be the man you are today. You are truly an inspiration to all six of us children! I am proud to call you Father (and Daddy too, even at the ripe old age of 28). I love you and miss you oodles!

Happy Father's Day!




We both know who you are in this pic. The cutest of the grandchildren of course! ;)

(Adapted image property of Krista Carson, original courtesy of Ida Kocivic)

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