Tuesday, June 19

Inspire Me Tuesday

The Paciffic Northwest is such an inspiring place to be. It never ceases to amaze me. There are so many naturally beautiful sights and sounds to experience. This weekend I had the pleasure of sharing one such moment with my husband.

We were out on a beach overlooking downtown Seattle as a summer storm approached. The air got a little bit thicker, darker, and the swiftening sky carried an intense marine smell on its winds. Suddenly, there were waves, significant ones for the Puget Sound, and into the quiet of the encroaching storm it was as if the waves began to sing.

They sang a song I had never heard before. A song that played against the rocky shore. A song of rushing and shushing. Of hurrying and reaching into the masses of pebbles and slipping away. Of mad dashes and whooshes....

It was a beautiful sound that spoke of land and sea and the power of nature. Those of you who grew up on rocky shoals have probably heard this siren song before. But growing up on gentle sandy beaches I had never heard even the largest of hurricane waves be able to sing this unique and beautiful language. It's power crashes onto soft cushioning sand.

For those who've never heard it, I wish l could share it with you. With all of you really. I'll work on uploading a video (always more to learn).

But in he meantime I hope you find a momment that moves you. I hope it as powerful, calming, lovely, and inspiring as mine is for me. I hope it helps you to translate a moment of peace and beauty that exists even amidst life's storms. It's there, somewhere, if you take a moment to breathe, look, and listen.



(Images property of Krista Carson)


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