Wednesday, June 20

Get Nailed

Neon Yellow Designs:

While I haven't found the right shade of neon yellow to rock yet this summer, I did find a great neon yellow nail art polish to fill the void in the meantime.

I actually scooped it up as a great deal (my Mom hates when I use the word cheap, "Use deal," she says... "It sounds so much nicer.") at the Five Below in the Chicago Burbs. Everything there is "five and below." My MIL actually introduced it as a nicer dollar store. I agree, and can we talk about the polish selection?!?

Anyway... I liked it so well I even thought about picking up a few and trying to use the teeny tiny nail art brush to cover my nails completely but sensibility prevailed... And I ended up with this:

I tried to do a tribal/ organically free hand nail art design on each nail while keeping the polish beneath a neutral pink. (Excuse my travel ragged cuticles please.)
It's surprisingly more subtle in person than I thought it'd be but it's still super fun and summery! Thoughts? Do you do your own nail art? (Not so big secret: I've been obsessed with doing my own since middle school.)



(Images property of Krista Carson)


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