Wednesday, June 20

Travel Reminiscence

Now that I'm finally getting settled back into the groove of things here at home I thought I'd share some of the photos from my crazy month long trip.

I was in a good friends wedding in Charleston, SC (remember, she's the one i told you was getting married at the Lowndes Grove Plantation) so I thought I'd start off with some charming details of the city itself.

There was beautiful iron-work all over the city.

I loved all the details built into everything.

The city was full of vibrant colors but I especially loved these teal shutters. See the little swiveling s hooks that hold them open? So cute!

There were so many cute alleyways brimming with green.

Charleston is known as the Holy City due to all of its, and may I say all of its fabulously beautiful as well, churches.

Did you know all of the "front" porches in Charleston are actually on the side of the houses there? They taxed homes based on what was facing the street so in order to pay less the citizens starting building them on the side with little courtyards and frequently a faux front (or street facing) door as well.

I loved the mint green and brass plate of this letter box by the Dockside Street Theatre.

Another beautiful church.

A super cool quote on the wall of clocks in the ghost and spirit store (ghost stories, walks, and hauntings are very popular in Charleston).

"Do not squander time for that is the stuff life is made of." Benjamin Franklin 1746

A very neat tea and spice shop. You can the brim of my jaunty fedora in the reflection of the window in this one.

Well, I hope you enjoyed these snapshots. More to follow, of the city, the wedding, and the rest of my trip.



(Images property of Krista Carson)

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