Friday, June 15

Sweet Summer Techsesscories

First things first...

I'm HOME! Like Seattle home, that is. My summer voyage now complete I have returned to the Paciffic Northwest. And while I hope to manage a few fun rendezvous throughout the rest of the season (I'm gunning for a low-key mountain river tubing trip) I brought back a new techsesscory to remind me of the warm sunny days I spent on my whirlwind trip for the times when the Seattle skies are grey.

Nothing says summer like an ice cream cone or two, even if they're on your iPhone! I picked up this perky little, slightly humorous, beauty in the burbs of Chi-town at a Five Below, "It's like a nicer dollar store where everything is five dollars or below." my MIL said. Since its not a forever case I figured some fun graphics could make for a snappy change.

What's your "good ole days o' summer" pick me up?



(Image property of Krista Carson)

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