Saturday, December 1

Osbourne Lights

While visiting my family over Thanksgiving I was lucky enough to partake in what has become one of my most beloved family traditions. Disney's Hollywood Studios Osbourne Family Lights Spectacle is an amazing display of holiday lights! It started out at the Osbourne Family's home but when it got too big it ended up at Disney. Hot cider and chocolate, roasted chestnuts, rows upon rows of lights that are timed to dance to classic holiday tunes, live music, and even snow in Florida all combine to make it an evening worth experiencing!

On your way into the park your greeted with a festive tree so massive that it dwarfs the nearby flagpoles!

Once it's dark and lights come on though, the real magic begins!
(My sister on the left, husband in the center, and brother on the right.)
Angels greet you with their message of peace overhead.
An oversize manger manages to be both magical and humbly true to Christmas's beginnings.
Even Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, and the Wiseman join the angels on high in their glad tidings.

It's simply magical and there's much more to come!



(All images by and owned by Krista Carson, please ask permission prior to use)


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