Tuesday, December 11

Happy 30th Husband!

Today my sweet Husband turns 30!!! (It seems so old I know, bit I'm next so I can't make too much fun.)

I started his birthday off with a bang by balloon bombing before he left for work early in the morning.

It was super fun and he was totally surprised!

I blew up a whole bunch of balloons ahead of time and took a bunch of trash bags and cut them open and taped them together so they would fit over the door frame. (You could also use plastic wrap, large rolled paper, or anything else similar.)

Then that morning when he got in the shower, so he wouldn't see or hear me, I went to work. I took the trash bags and taped them to the outside of the door frame, since our bedroom door opens in. Since the only way I could surprise him and make it work was to do it from the inside... I then filled it up with the balloons and quickly shut the door.*

We both continued to get ready for our days and when he opened the door to go downstairs... Bam! Balloon Bomb! Since he leaves for work by around 5:20am most mornings he was fairly surprised. He never suspected a thing and thoroughly enjoyed it! Yay 30!

He and I are big foodies so whenever his work schedule allows (he works A LOT) I'm taking him out for a fancy evening of wining and dining but I couldn't let the day go unmarked without a gift... So I made him a special present and gussied up the gift box by creating the little guy above.

Who wouldn't want a 30th Birthday celebrating Octopi? What's inside the box? I'll share that a little later. :)



*(Side-note: this only works if the door opens in and works best if the door is actually shut. The you can pop the balloons between the door and trash bags easily.)

(Cat's Pajamas card by Rifle Paper Co., All other images designed by and property of Krista Carson)

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