Saturday, December 29

Christmas At My House

This year Husband and I spent Christmas eve and day by ourselves, he had to work. :( So I wanted to make things as special as I could.

We only ever have a small tree, since live ones take more work than we have time right now. So I strung garland along the ceiling in order to hang all of our ornaments and make it look merry. I also "frosted" the windows with "snow" to make our Christmas seem more white than the actual grey, raining skies outside...

I covered the house in candles to make a warm glow.

Made a festive calendar (making sure to include both Husband's and Baby Jesus's birthdays!), card nook, and took out the scissors to make snowflakes fall softly on windows and presents.

"Taxidermied" a pair of headband antlers, icicle garlanded the stairs, hung my DIY mistletoe, wrapped presents, and proudly displayed my Pinterest inspired DIY wreath.

Used glass jars, cake domes, and crystal vases to create a few very merry vignettes around the house.

Then I sat back enjoyed how all the little details came together.

Husband impressed me by choosing an un-imposed wrapping scheme. Yes. I'm that girl who usually imposes one but he wrapped first this year and created one, all on his own, that I was proud of! So to return the favor I impressed him with my plaid ribbon weaving skills and super fluffy handmade bows.

All in all it was a holiday filled with post work snuggles, sparkle, and cheer!

What's your favorite part of the Holidays? No matter what it is, I hope yours was filled with love and joy!



(All images by and owned by Krista Carson, please ask permission before using.)



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