Friday, November 23



For Thanksgiving this yearHusband and I spent time with my family in in sunny Florida. It was nice to get away from Seattle's short, dark, rainy days and to see some sunshine. I also loved getting to spend time with my big family! Nothing says holidays for me like a raucously full table! My Baba (the Polish nickname for grandmother) was even there this year now that she's moved to Florida!
We had the usual American fare (My Dad makes a mean turkey and stuffing!) with a few crafty new additions, thanks to my sister.

She doesn't just pin on Pinterest, she pins and actually makes the stuff! And she makes it well too! She recently started baking out of this world desserts and concoctions. She also makes everything look fabulous. She saw a fruit turkey on Pinterest and decided to do a veggie version of it. She had my Husband slicing, dicing, and placing along with her and it turned out pretty fabulous! (I just made the eyes and took a picture.) We dipped the veggies in hummus and it was fresh and delicious!

With all the craftiness ensuing my Dad was teasing me while I was making the baked brie that I should make it look like a pilgrim. Challenge accepted! The brie was already wrapped and ready to roll though so I used the scraps to make my first attempt at bread art.
It's supposed to look like a pilgrim and native american with a heart in between that says give thanks. It wasn't too bad but definitely provided a great source of entertainment as my brother proceeded to use the bread letters to spell out various words and sayings throughout the evening. It was pretty typical of my family and pretty funny. (Especially when someone passed gas and suddenly the bread letters said give stank... wrong but hillarious...)

Overall it was a great day with lots of people and tons on tasty fun food!


Hope you're Thanksgiving was just as blessed with talent, time, and love as mine was!



(All images by and owned by Krista Carson, quote images found on Pinterest)


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