Thursday, September 6

Pretty Party

How inspiringly cute is this first birthday party?!? Kelli Murray, of Kelli Murray_Art and Design, threw this adorably themed party for her daughter's first birthday.


I love the feather motif and handmade charm. She even made the little tents herself and posted a tutorial on her blog.



Stripes, giant balloons, and bright colored fringe? Yes, please!


And can we talk about how much I love these string and feather tied chevron bags? So, much! I use this kind of chevron bag a lot for various things but the feather really makes it over the top cute! Note to self: must do this!
Also, what girl, big or small, doesn't want to run around in a feather headress at some point? I know I do! Feeling like a Native American Princess? Yes, please... May I have some more?
I think this super awesome quilt they're all picnicking and chilling out on shoul do the trick....

Thanks Kelli Murray, for always filling our lives with the awesome that you share!

Hope you all enjoyed this dose of cuteness as much as I did! Would you wear a feather headress?



(All of these fantastically cute images via Kelli Murray_Art and Design)


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