Wednesday, September 5

Mt St Helen's Continued

Our road trip out to Mt St Helen's was awesome! We saw so many great things I wanted to share a bunch more.
The volcano was was beautiful and the recovering landscape was amazing too.

This map shows where the photos were taken from at the Johnston Observatory Ridge.

Here's a photo of the current seismic activity. You can see Mt St Helen's reflected from outside the observatory window.

The information available inside was super great and interactive! If your into geology it's awesome! If your not, it helps explain what's going on in a fun way.

The volcano isn't supposed to erupt again anytime soon but is still active.
This is a sign discussing life before the eruption versus after.
In this photo you can see the two big grey chunks of granite off in the distance that actually used to be the top of the mountain. When it erupted they blew off.
Once Mt St Helen's lost her top the mountain ended up with a sort of flattened bowl left for a top.
Me and the volcano! I was super psyched!
It's hard to tell how massive everything actually is from the photos. There were actually some rather large elk in this photo but they could only be seen with magnification. (And there was steam rising out most of the time we were there, so cool!)
I thought this was a neat elevation chart.
To the left of the mountain is a giant pumice field you can hike out to.
There are remnants of ash flows left leading from the volcano throughout the valley. Some have small rivers running through them but overall they're pretty wide and mostly just, well, ash. It's neat to see life growing up around the remaining ash.
You can see felled trees all over the place that flattened out in a radial pattern from the blast zone. The reddish cast you see is actually small red flowers.

You can see a small river glinting in the sun in this ash flow off to the far left of St Helen's.

The Johnston Observatory Ridge is a fantastic lookout. I highly recommend making the drive out to it if your ever in Mt St Helen's National Monument!



(All images taken and owned by Krista Carson, please ask permission and credit when using.)

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