Friday, September 7

Mt St Helen's Continued 2

Once we left the ridge by the observatory we drove a bit further away and came across another awesome viewpoint.

You could really see the effects of the blast zone here. The blown over trees were mostly still intact in this area because, while this area was still devastated, the lava flow did not turn it to ash.

You see an completely uprooted tree here as well as the new life springing up around it.
We hiked a bit down a narrow mountainside trail and were rewarded with continuously fantastic views as we went. You can't really see how steep and tiny the trail is here... It was big enough to hike on but you really had to watch your footing on the loose slippery ash the trail was made of!

We were really enjoying ourselves and were debating whether or not to go "just a bit further" when the sun starting setting lower and we spotted a cougar about fifty yards away down slope...

So... We decided we better keep one eye on the cougar and head back but he disappeared into the brush pretty fast so no picture and no lingering (we couldn't tell which way it went!)... Even on the way back the trail afforded supe beautiful views though!

I was trying to show how steep it really was but with all the grass growing off the nutrient rich ash you really can't tell in the pics.

But, here is one last pic of this trail anyway. A pre-requisite shadow picture. My Husband and I have been taking them for years just about everywhere we go. (I even had a really special one I did as a gift for our anniversary back when we were dating in an art show once. This one wasn't so arty though, just for memories.)

Till the 'morrow...



(All images taken and owned by Krista Carson, please ask permission and credit when using.)

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