Saturday, September 8

Mt St Helen's Continued, 3

Husband and I decided to save Coldwater Lake for the drive out instead of in and we were glad we did. We got more sunlight up on the mountain (where you need to be more careful) and were still rewarded with gorgeous vistas and an uber easy trek around the lake (They're were some great paved paths here and easy well delineated hiking).
I've always thought this Eiseley quote is so beautiful and was happy to see it posted on the trailhead.
Isn't the lake truly magical? It's crystal clear and you can see right down to its volcanic rock base.
You can also see Mt St Helen's peaking out at you amidst the now thriving trees.
It's a beautiful lake and while you can't go swimming you can go boating in electric motorized or non-motorized boats.

The lake itself is actually filled with water drained from a fellow lake nearby in order to prevent that lake from overflowing and flooding the town after the eruption when all the old glacial ice was melting. Pretty cool, right? Plus, the animals love it. But even with all the new life surrounding the lake you still see a lot of tree stumps dotting the landscape where the blast from eruption blew them down...

There are, however, really beautiful Birch forests that ring the lake. They were planted post eruption to help re-build the area. Birch are one of my favorites. They are so elegant with their tall, slender, silvered trunks...

Since it was summertime there we also flowers blooming everywhere. I liked these purple ones (I think they're foxglove?) the best. Stunning, right?

The path through the woods was pretty beautiful too...

the sun sinking down below the hills.



(All images taken and owned by Krista Carson, please ask permission and credit when using.)

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