Tuesday, October 28

Food And Wine Thus Far

A photo drop of my Epcot Food and Wine Festival excursions thus far.
Double rainbows on the way into the parks!
Sporting my Magic Band with the Small World cover, an Argento Alchemy original silver and braided silk bracelet, a silk thread friendship bracelet (that I share with my Mom actually) from J Crew's past seasons, and my freshly loaded food and wine bracelet. You load it up with money so you can just hold it up and have it scanned. No fumbling with wallets which you would otherwise do a lot. It also helps keep you on budget, when the money you loaded is gone... You're done!
Love walking past the Dance Hall on the way into Epcot... memories...
Sister shot.
And because someone was nice enough to offer to take a photo of the three of us, Allen got in on the action too.
Different Epcot trip with other family members this time. :)
The view out the top floor windows of the American Pavillion in the Chase Banking members lounge. Just flash your bank card and your in! You'll enjoy a free quirky soda extravaganza, access to a place you never normally get to, A/C, nice restrooms, and free charging stations for your electronics.
Another view shot overlooking the concert stage with Spaceship Earth in the distance.
Spaceship Earth.
The Brazil stand plays lively music and is cheerful even on the rainiest of days.
The "banks" of the French Pavillion overlooking the lagoon and the Morrocan, Japanese, American, and Italian pavilloins (respectively when going counter-clockwise).
Playing with the viewers.
Aaah, Paris...

And a lovely lit night shot for good measure.



(All images created and owned by Krista Carson. Please ask permission prior to use. All things Disney, owned by... Disney.)

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