Wednesday, October 1

Back To School

Last week I started taking a Jewelry Fabrication (i.e., metal smithing) course at the Maitland Art and Art History Society and so far I'm really enjoying it!
I'm also enjoying some of the beautiful grounds there. The society itself is a conglomeration of various historical buildings, art studios, and historical paraphernalia that have all come together to create one awesome group.
And I believe the gardens near the studios are quite lovely, so I thought I'd share one pics.
This particular garden is walled in and has buildings bordering the sides.
There's a lovely little lilly pond right next to the buildings.
And all the stucco and tile work is very intricate and so lovely.

I'm also a big fan of all the blue and turquoise accents amidst the white stucco, terracota, and green expanses.
So pretty.
It almost feels like you've stumbled upon a secret garden.

It's the perfect spot to relax with a cup of coffee before heading into the studio for some hard work and education.

It's also a great spot to read a book.

And it's definitely a little central Florida gem! If you're ever nearby I recommend popping in for a bit!



(All images created and owned by Krista Carson. Please ask permission before using.)

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