Monday, October 6

Pink On Parade: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month so first off:

Go get screened!

Do your monthly self exams!

Keep up to date on your health care!

Eat healthy!


And harass your loved ones to do the same!

All of these things really do save lives!

For more info available on a national scale please go to:

National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc.


You could help save a loved one or even yourself!

Let's be brave and join the fight to stop this terrible disease!

It's also important to note that breast cancer can affect the men in your life as well as the women so everyone keep up with your check ups!

To help raise money and awareness my family and I joined my mother's team (Treasured Chests) in Celebration Hospital's Breast Cancer Walk: Pink On Parade.

On September 28th you could walk or run three miles (I totally walked, lol) with tons of inspirational men, women, and children and in the process have fun fighting for a fantastic cause!

(It started bright and early so we all look super tired in our pics. I had to wake up extra early to drive the 40 minutes down but it was totally worth it!)

Even the sunrise supported us with a lovely showing of pink.
It was a hot but gorgeous start to the day.
My brother and his wife even did pink in their beard and hair, respectively of course. And my sister sported some pink ribbon face painting.
As did my Dad and Mom.
We all wore matching pink shirts with a message and the hospital handed out water, pink pinwheels (note my sister's hair) and lots of other pink paraphernalia was available for purchase to support the cause both before and after the walk. They even hosted a dance party to warm up before we started!

This marching band was a great surprise.

It was an awesome and fun community supported event even in its inaugural walk!

If your local to central Florida and are interested in joining next year keep an eye on this site: Pink On Parade.

Stay healthy and stay strong!



(All images created and owned by Krista Carson with the exception of the breast cancer website's images which belong to the respectively. Please ask permission prior to use.)



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