Wednesday, October 29

It's Not So Very Scary...

Every year I like to go to Mickey's Not So Very Scary Halloween Party at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom if I can. And this year I was able to attend with my husband, Mom, Dad, youngest brother and his wife, Aunt, and Uncle. We had a blast.
(Some of the photos aren't bad but some are pretty grainy... Lo siento in advance.)
Even the weather seemed to co-operate in the parks spooooky fall decor.

Ghostly glowing Mickey balloons.

Mainstreet was all dressed up in its Fall finery.
These Mickey lanterns softly glow and flicker.
Spooky lighting provided atmosphere along with a vast variety of carved pumpkins on display in windows and out and about.
The castle even cast a ghoulishly purple light.

I needed to come up with a costume last minute because my first one fell through... So I decided to go the girl version of the Mad Hatter of Alice in Wonderland fame.

I donned a mini feathered top hat, a green scarf and shirt as a nod to the Hatter's green suit, a few sparkles on my face for fun, a black skirt suit, a shaker necklace that I slipped mini playing cards inside, and hung a tiny teacup off my pocket watch chain.

Hopefully I pulled off the last minute look but either way I had fun...

No Magic Kingdom stop is complete without a stop at Casey's for some mini corn dogs when hunger strikes.

The castle's spooky lighting changed throughout the evening.


Even the magical Tangled section of the park had a spookier feel with the sky's gray cast.

Rapunzel's tower.

Thunder mountain.

The river boat.
The gravestones surrounding the Haunted Mansion are always appropriate for a harrowed evening of ghouls and ghosties...
And this little lady above is a personal favorite of mine and can be found in the stretching room on your entrance to the ride. Is the room growing taller or longer? Who knows...

Great ghosts come out to socialize...

Tristan's Chicago Bears jersey still felt at home among all the gangsters guys in my family.


The rest of the ladies in my family dressed as flappers to foil their gangster husbands.


This "grave" scene has a cameo of Toad from the old Toad Hall ride, can you spot him?

My sister and her beau dressed at Native Americans.

Flapper faces.

More not so scary to come!
(All images created and owned by Krista Carson. Please ask permission prior to use. All things Disney owned by Disney.)


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