Tuesday, October 7

Back To School: Studio Work

My Fabrications course is going well so far and I'm really enjoying it!
I'm learning so much!
Both my teacher and my classmates are so awesome and inspirational!
Since a lot of the work we do is rather unglamorous (I smell like machinery and oil when I leave, lol) our studio is reflective of that. It's real, not aesthetically pleasing but not un-so either. We work at jeweler's benches and get to "play" with loads of awesome tools!
This rather blurry shot (sorry) shows our torch station where things get hot and also awesome.
Here's the sketches I did for my current project: an Art Deco inspired pendant.
In the baggy above is hematite cabochon that I'm going to bezel set on my piece and the square is actually sterling silver (my preferred material) in sheet metal form.
We trace the deign onto tracing paper and glue it down to the sheet metal.
Then we very slowly and patiently saw the design out.
P.S., this glue? Fantastic!
I don't want to fall behind in class (I'm pretty fresh to most of the techniques and everyone else is rather advanced.) so I had lots of homework to do.
I don't have a bench yet but an old Ikea table works for now.
Here are my parts all cut out. They still need a LOT of work!
Lots of filing and soldering yet do!

I love how as you work you end up covered in teeny tiny sparkling metal specs that glimmer and glitter!

Incidentally, you sweep that precious stuff up and save it! All "scrap" can be re-melted and re-used, it's still rather valuable. You save money and are environmentally responsible at the same time. I'm a big fan of both!



(All images created and owned by Krista Carson. Please ask permission prior to use.)

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