Wednesday, August 29

Oh So Chic!

I was tunneling through Erica Cook's Moth Design blog when I "fell" down a rabbit hole * and soon enough stumbled across this beauty... Why hello there you turquoise dreamboat you...

She (and by she I mean this luscious built in bed) is the handiwork of Massucco Warren Miller Interior Design and Decorations. They're located in LA, San Fran, and Seattle and their website features other gorgeous high end design babies but this is definitely my fave!

J'adore the cute reading lamps, bright turquoise, deep reddish pink, great storage, and swooping lines of this bookshelf to bed built-in!

While I'm not so keen on the chandelier or the sillohuette pillows (which is weird because normally I like sillohuetted things...) I still think this design would be perfect for a home office! It would make such a great sitting couch during the day and provide overflow guest quarters (I have una grande familia). You could even put a trundle under the bed instead of drawers (with a faux "drawer" facade natch) for more sleeping space! Perfection, indeed!



*When I say "fell" or "went" down a rabbit hole I'm really saying that I probably spent too much time perusing a blog or web page, only to be lead to another blog or web page, which brought me to un altro blog or web page, that possibly led me to something good, and hopefully that something good's source (sometimes finding the original source proves nye impossible)... So... just consider me Alice in this crazy internets we call home.

(Images via Massucco Warren Miller)


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