Saturday, August 11

Kate Spade "K"andy

Sorry for the intense blog silence. First my immune system (or lack thereof, thank you very much auto-immune disorder...) was unsuccessfully fighting of a summer flu (yes summer!?! What's that about?). Then my Dad went to the ER and now my Grandpap is in the hospital! Yikes!!! So in an effort to lighten things up a bit I did so online window shopping.

Kate Spade makes the cutest things. I especially love the new collab with one of my favorite bloggers, photogs, and illustrators: Garance Doré. Isn't the illustration she did for them fab? And the cellphone case and purse? Trés chic! I also adore the zebra watch bangle, tweed bag, and illustrated serving tray... Love!

Well, I hope you enjoyed sharing my window shop wants. Please excuse me if my blogging's a little spotty as the personal chaos continues... I'll try my best to keep up with this a little slice of lightness and positivity for my sake and to share a smile with everyone else!

Where's your go to window shopping spot when you need a pick me up?



(Images via Kate Spade)