Wednesday, August 15

Get Nailed

When I got my reminder from about the Perseid Meteor Shower peaking this past weekend I was psyched!!! (Nerd alert, I know) I love sky watching and couldn't wait to see some shooting stars and make some wishes! When I realized that the ambient light and cloudy skies where I'm at in Seattle wouldn't allow for good viewing (even if I got my butt out of bed in the pre-dawn hours, the best viewing time) I was bummed...

So I decided to make my own meteor shower instead. I give you:

Perseid Meteor Shower Nails

With this design, even though I missed the sky show, I can still have two handfuls of wishes with me at all times!

Do you bundle up and watch meteor showers or just take the wish-pportunity when you happen upon it?

I used two blues, a glitter nail polish, and nail crystals to create a look I'm quite happy with. My Perseus constellation proportions, done in the crystals, are a little wonky but it's just a quick first go, so.... Eh... I'll get it right next time. Thoughts? Would you want to see a DIY of this?



(Image by and property of Krista Cason, please ask permission and credit when using)


mauralynn said...

I would love to see a DIY- beautiful!

mauralynn said...

I would love to see a DIY- beautiful!

Krista said...

Next time I redo my nails I'll put one together to share! :)