Friday, August 17

Jewel Box Drool

I was on the Refinery29 site when I came across pics of Graziela jewels. Intrigued, I did some further site seeing and... Love!
She has some very elegant pieces in a variety of price ranges, unfortunately for my current budget those ranges are expensive to ouch!peoplecanbuythat!?! right now. It never hurts to look though right?

The pieces I love the most are the ones that feel just to the funky side of elegant. I mean how cool is the jade cuff in the top left corner?

My favorites are the moonstone drop earrings (Yes, please) and especially the turquoise bow earrings. J'adore! What do you think? Too funky for you or just the pop of "flair" your wardrobe could use?


(Images via Graziela, commentary by me)


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