Friday, January 17

Postcard From Paradise...

Today is our final day in Hawaii, we fly out late tonight at 11pm from Kona.

So we are carrying I our tradition of mailing each other a postcard from our anniversary trip.

Every year, no matter where we are, we decided we would mail each other a note telling the other one why we love them for our anniversary. Our hope is to have a lovely tradition and mementos to pass down to our family someday.

Our anniversary trip was a bit early this year because we planned it to coincide with our Hawaii trip for my sisters wedding (After of course. When in paradise...) but we decided to mail them out on our last day here anyway.

Here's mine for the Husband. (There's two tiny people in that outrigger.)
Can't wait to see which one he chose for me and read what he wrote!
I'll be sure to share more once we've returned home. (Although I still have our Christmas decorations waiting to be put away, ugh...)
So, A Hui Hou (until we meet again) Hawaii and friends.
Tropical Kisses,
(Photos created and owned by Krista Carson.)

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