Tuesday, January 17

Packing Process

Everyone has their own packing process when it comes to traveling. Some people fly by the seat of their pants (literally, cause they only packed one pair) while others have a meticulous process they go through and are ready weeks in advance. What do you do?

I, for one, do a mad dash of laundry at the last minute then proceed to stay up all night the day before traveling trying to finish and make sure I remembered everything I needed. On the positive side, I am also one of those people who rolls all her travel gear thereby saving space and hopefully avoiding a case of the suitcase wrinkles... I also weigh in advance too whenever I'm not carrying on. Better safe than frantically trying to re-stuff/ distribute!

Here's a packing guide that I saw over on A Pair and A Spare that I thought was cute and helpful. First Anniversary/ Honeymoon packing takes thought, work, and the ability to create order amidst the chaos of "How many nice dresses and shoes do I need to pack?!?" Plus this guide will help me keep my suitcases to a minimum, my clothes properly matched up (which I love) and keep me from wearing head to toe black the entire time (which is my go to... Even if it does always match and you can dress it up or down with ease... it can get a bit "monotone"ous, quite literally, and that's not really fodder for a honeymoon)
I just hope I can follow through! Especially on the "rationalise shoes" part... That's never been my strong suit...



P.S., Mr. T will be packed and ready with plenty of time and space to spare... That spare suitcase space he's usually willing to share is just one of his many charms... ;)

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