Tuesday, January 17

Settling in the City

So Mr. T and I have been on the hunt for a new home and it feels a bit like Goldilocks and the Three Bears... Nothing seems "juuust right" so far...

Plus the market out here is crazy! Everyone wants you to move in within the next week or two, not the typical two months or so I've come across in the rest of the country. Then they can never tell you what they'll have avaible next month, just what's there now. So you better hope that whatever is available to rent the week before your moving out is good! Cause that's what you'll end up with.

It makes me feel like I'm gambling though... Leaving my loft for what I hope will be a bigger place in a quieter nice neighborhood. We're looking everywhere and Mr. T feels confident that when our March move comes our dice roll will "win big" for us. (We already had to give notice earlier than we wanted so there's no turning back now... and even though I'm going to really miss our loft since we have soo many memories here, we really do need the space...) Che sera sera! But I'm still crossing my fingers and toes!

A big blue beautiful craftsman would be my dream home out here! I love them! But fantasy homes aside, I'd love a little house with two bedrooms with doors that close, a living room that lets me watch tv without feeling like I'm in an IMAX theater (Mr. T likes his tv's BIG but our living room is small), and a kitchen functional enough to actually store the few pots we have and to let us both stand in it simultaneously. That's it really... Except that it also has to be in a great walkable neighborhood (one car family here), have storage for all our crap stuff, be in a friendly and safe spot, be big enough to be able to invite friends over finally, and lastly be affordable... I'll keep you posted on how close to the "grail" of rental properties we get.



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