Thursday, January 12

The Very Beginning...

A very good place to start... I opened up this blogger account almost a year ago with the full intention of starting a blog. My life, or should I say health, had other plans... (Sometimes I think John Lennon should have said health is what happens when you're making other plans. Cheese pizza? Don't mind if I do, thanks! Clogged Arteries? Not so much...) You see my body decided to have some "fun" and "entertaining" breakdowns this past year that just kept getting worse.

Well they say new year new you, right?
I'm still running in the big gerbil wheel that we call "Modern Medicine" and the smaller wheels we call "Eastern Medicine" but instead of running a little bit only to be flung upside down and flat on my face }: | I'm finally starting to keep up pace, even if it's a slow one... Oh, and I'm trying to figure out how to run a business from home too!So what's the point of all this you (or my Mom since she's probably the only one reading, hi Moma!) ask? To let you know where my starting line is and that hopefully we can "abc" and "Do Re Mi" along through the rest of it together. I'm ready! Ready for more! Ready for challenges! And READY to chat about all the things I love and love to share!
So grab a cup of your favorite beverage and let's be friends!
(That way we can start dishing about all the good stuff!)
Besides, I'm already sure you're interesting and fabulous!
(As well as being fabulous enough to
"Say one sweet thing to five people today!"
I know I'll try to!)
1st image altered but originally found here.
2nd Image via Pinterest taken by Rachelle Vance.
P.S., my posts won't always be this long but sometimes a girl's just gotta give a friendly intro and explanation! Hope to see you soon!

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