Monday, December 21

Early Christmas Exchange

The Husband and I were having a bit of a rough week so we decided to exchange some of our Christmas gifts early this year.
Also, he had a surprise for me that's he's been asking if he should give it to me early for weeks he was so excited about it... Too cute! So I finally caved and as always, he nailed it!
So thoughtful!
I got three books that I've been wanting and the "Dream it! Do It!" copy by Imagineer and Disney Legend Marty Sklar is signed! (I don't know if you remember but we got the privilege of meeting him and seeing him speak recently. Link here.)
The Victoria Finlay book is an amazing weaving of the worlds gems and gem trades. And "The Art and Flair of Mary Blair" is another Disney treasure about the amazing and prolific artist Mary Blair.
I also got some Lilly Pulitzer jammy pants that I love!
A Lancome perfume I've been wanting, Trésor La Nuit. It's the latest iteration in their Trésor series which I love and am not allergic to. Win win!
A very cool map necklace from The Weekend Store that he found.
It's a little locket with a map of Florence, Italy on it which happens to be the place where we met. Very romantic and sweet!

And lastly, the gift he'd been dying to give me.

The push-mas-versary gift as we've dubbed it. My push present since I'm due January 8th, my Christmas present, and my five year anniversary present (on January 23rd).

A pair of WOW diamond stud earrings in one of my all time favorite cuts.
The classic Asscher cut. Needless to say I LOVE them!
And I love that I'll be able to wear them with our new baby without fear of them getting ripped or tugged out like most jewelry is around babies.
They'll help keep me feeling sparkly and stylish no matter how much baby puke I get on me, lol.
Perfect gift!
Feeling a bit spoiled over here and enjoying it!

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