Thursday, October 8

Tuesday Things

Today was a rather nice day overall.
Started the day out with a lovely morning walk in the sunshine.
Abigail, my westie, loves walking by the pond.
And she is all set for October with her spiffy new Martha Stewart Halloween collar.
After that I was off to Disney for a pedicure.
I went to the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa. It's so beautiful there!
This is the room where you wait for your service to begin at. They serve teas, snacks, and spa water. It's cozy and relaxing.
And of course I brought along some reading.
I went with a purple shade called "Drop Dead Gorgeous."
Then it was on to the next adventure...

Getting six 36 inch round balloons blown up! This sweet guy at the grocery store was such a good sport about it too! He even helped me stuff them into my car, lol.

If you want to see a ton of people smile and be happy apparently all you need to do is get some ginormous balloons and voilĂ !
The balloons and I just barely fit for the drive home.
Forget 99 red balloons. I'm into 6 giant blue ones!

Why the balloons? For a maternity shoot the husband and I are doing tomorrow. Hopefully they'll work out well!

Next came a super yummy mozzarella panini that was too pretty not to snap a pic of.
And then the pup and I went on our evening walk.
It's even starting to look a little like Fall!

For Florida that is.

It's still 76 degrees Fahrenheit, sunny, and very much mostly green.

The sunset was rather lovely this evening too.
I finished my evening by making 30 thank you cards to mail out to all the sweet family and friends who attended our gender reveal party in Wisconsin earlier this Fall. (I know, I'm suuuper behind on everything... But I'll get there!)

More on that later though.

All in all a wonderfull Tuesday!
(All images created and owned by K. C. S. Please ask permission prior to use.)

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