Friday, October 16

Gender Reveal Family Photos

A while ago my sweet in laws hosted a Gender Reveal party for our little one to be up in Wisconsin near where they live.
And while I hope to have access to the pictures of the actual event soon, unpacking and downloading photos does not go hand in hand, I do have some family shots that the photographer emailed out.
My Mother in Law is on the left with my Brother in Law, then me, the Husband, and my Father in Law.
I thought this one of her and the boys was pretty cute!
I can't wait till I have a printer up and running so I can get them out in frames around the house!
I love having family photos everywhere, don't you? It just makes home feel cozy!
My dress is from Destination Maternity.
(All images created by a professional photographer but imaging rights are owned by K. C. S. and Family. Please ask permission prior to use.)


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