Sunday, November 2

Chicago Day One, Hotel Sweet Hotel

The Husband and I spent last week in Chicago. He had his last board exam to take and I tagged along because I love the city and our family and friends who live there.
(Waiting for take off, poor guy looks so nervous in all our pre-exam pics!)
We stayed at the Kinzie Hotel and would definitely do so again.
It's was in a great location downtown within walking distance to most things people want to do when in town: museums, food, shopping, etc.
The wifi was phenomenal! Cannot be understated on this! We both had multiple devices open and in use for work and study purposes when in our room and the hotel was full with a business conference (you know how business peeps use the internet constantly) with nary a slow down. Best. Ever.
The staff was lovely (only one cranky butt exception but who knows what she was going through personally, always give the bee feint of the doubt.) The room was cozy and well appointed. Decor was artsy, modern Chicago. And they offered an included Continental Breakfast on every floor each morning that was great as well as free appertivo (like a free bar appetizer happy hour) with free drink coins tradable for... Free drinks every evening.
All in all, nicely done!
The lobby and check in desks.
Nifty art and comfy seating.
The view walking into our room.
The view from our room, lol. Right out onto Chicago icon Harry Caray and his bar/ restaurant.
The color scheme was my favorite colors: blues, grays, and silver. Naturally, I loved it!
(Note: this photo was actually taken post exam, and T looks soo much happier! Rightfully so!)
I loved the wallpaper used on the wall behind the bed, a massive Chicago map.
So fantastic.
I also loved how they used a variety of fabrics in a similar color scheme, especially this pop of turquoise leopard.
Best do not disturb ever!
And the bathroom decor was the best, not a phrase I've said before...

Cool details, cool art, and dark colors done right are just awesome.

I mean, how epic is this silver and navy wallpaper?

Definitely future home inspiration.

Also, the Kinzie is pet friendly so if you need to bring your furry friend along you can. I even saw them arrange dog walkers for guests while I was waiting in the lobby, nice, huh!

And on the pet note, I have super bad allergies but everything was so clean and in such tip top shape that even I was surprised that I had no problems!

Definitely recommend it!

More Chicago to come.



(All images created and owned by Krista Carson. Please ask permission prior to use.)

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